Pyramid Mover

by Application Development Project

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Application description

A unique twist on the classic puzzle game Tower of Hanoi!

The Pharaoh needs your help! He must move his pyramids to a new location! But there is a problem. Solve this in 6 exciting levels and achieve the rewards!

Pyramid Mover is a puzzle and brain game that uses the basic principals of the math problem "Tower Of Hanoi" and reintroduces it with a twist. This game is completely FREE! OBJECTIVE: To move the pyramid to platform 3 RULES: You can only move the block that are on the top of the pile(s). You cannot place a large block on top of a smaller block HOW TO PLAY : Drag and Drop the blocks to a empty platform or a larger block

Features: * 16 exciting levels * 3 thrilling modes * share your scores with friends on Facebook Please remember to rate this app and give us feedback to better this app! This is a perfect game for kids or students trying to improve their problem solving or logic skills.

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