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by Ave Daren

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Application description

After long and thorny developing period, we are proudly presenting the new, completely refactored version of Invenio Carmen - best known music and video downloader. Our developing and marketing experience in music and video download field constitute 5 years of hard work and deep investigation. It powers us, as developers, as service providers in whole, to understand user desires, and to combine product (application) functionality in a most suitable way, satisfying all the people, encouraged to try Invenio Carmen. The main feature of this update is support of infinite search engines from the web, so, from now and for ever search will never depend on certain web server, that, of course can't stand up all the time, but search will rely upon the whole web, providing you with high quality, high speed, and absolutely robust service.

All the best of an ald Invenio Carmen is still here, enchansed with new features, of cource. It is:
1. The fastest multithreaded download engine, with support if 8 simultaneus channels.
2. Infinite media files base, limited only by a moment between past and future, which divides all things already created from things not yet created :). Lyrics for the songs available as well.
3. Flexible search settings, to provide You with a bundle of filters to make your search easier. In the new version, different search settings is applied to different search engines, because web servers have various search filters set.
4. Our music search engines are absolutely independent, and can be used in all cases. In fact, the main purpose of multiple music engines is interchangeability in case of any server is temporarily broken. Of course, if a particular song was not found on a certain engine, first of all You need to try other engine, be shure, You'll find it :).
5. Our video search engines provide you with different results sets. For example, "vk video" engine acts like youtube, but not limited to. It is not ideal if You are looking for films. If You need films, serials, cartoons in a high quality, please, use "fs video" engine, and You will find everything there :).
6. Please, explore application menu, there are lot of useful things. Among them are the permanent link to the latest app version, application search history, application search settings, and application user guide (about). Read carefully about clause in case You have questions regarding app functionality. If there are no answer, please email us. 7. Currently implemented engines are: vk music(, zaycev music(, pleer music(, vk video(, fs video(; 8. Please note, servers are not available all the time, they can be on temporary maintenance, in such cases application uses another server.

We hope we made our best to suit your needs, and we are looking for your propositions and complaints to drive Invenio Carmen into state of complete excellence.

Thank You for choosing us. We are looking for long and strong cooperation!


  • exceptional !

  • Es muy bueno, me da datos de la calidad antes de bajar la musica, puedo escucharla previamente, algunas canciones vienen con letra. Encuentras todo...!!!

  • Best APP EVER!!!!!!!

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