Ormož and The Wine Routes 1

by World On Communications

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Application description

Thank you for your interest in this video app. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Start the app, after the animation is completed tap on the screen to go to the information sheet which scrolled to the end reveals a button to play the videoclip. Map and other options are available via the menu button. Since 1990, World On Communications has realized more than 80 videoguides about several suggestive places around the world. Every videoguide has been conceived how an itinerary that people can easily retrace. Now, these videoguides and their information are used to compile this new serial of android apps. Every app is structured in 3 parts: - Map - Information Sheet - Video clip This is one of a new series of apps dedicated to Slovenia "Off the beaten tracks" that encompass natural, historical, cultural and tourist places. You can admire storks as well as old castle rich in frescoes and legends but also appreciate countryside quietness, discover ancient Roman temple ruins, know new wine denominations, get into caves and more. In the video-app "Ormož and The Wine Routes 1" we show the little town of Ormož and its interesting medieval castle, the museum, the church of Sveti Jakob Stareiši and more.. Clipvideo length: 17 minutes approx. While in the app "Ormož and The Wine Routes 2" the videoclip is mainly focused on Velika Nedelja, Velicane, Mali Brebrovnik, Svetinje, and other surrounding villages dislocated along the wine route n.14, Ormož-Ljutomer. Clipvideo length: 19 minutes approx. NOTES Sited near the borders with Croatia and Hungary, Ormož is a very clean small village and our base during this itinerary in the Oriental Slovenia. We shoot this video in the beginning of September with a sun shining clearly the whole day over a picturesque landscape of grapevines and quietness. We are very glad you have decided to join us, in this itinerary across the sinuous low rounded hill called "Slovenske Gorice", where the delights of Bacchus met the culture long before the transit of the first crusaders. Some DVDs about Slovenia are available on sale at our website, in English and Italian. This app guide is realized by World On Communications. Written and Directed by: Angelo Giammarresi We invite you to look for our other products in this Marketplace and in our website USEFUL LINKS www.ormoz.si www.muzej-ormoz.si CONTACTS - SUPPORT web: www.wocmultimedia.com © Copyright 2011 World On Communications Via Carlo Marx 101 - 27024 Cilavegna - Italy support email: android_info@wocmultimedia.com

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